Tiny Dinosaur Teaches Us so Much


Hey Aces!  Check out what has been floating around the Tumblr today.  Tiny Dinosaur is giving a brief lecture on the basics of Asexuality and is being adorbz.  You should go check it out.

January 2013

The asexuality contingent takes on the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force’s…

…Creating Change…

…conference in Atlanta, Georgia

July 2012

The most recent news from Asexual Awareness Week. AAW Founder Sara Beth Brooks talks about the updated campaign, the history of AAW, and how you can get involved in this year’s campaign.

February 2012

Asexual Awareness Week was at this year’s Creating Change conference hosting a workshop that screened the documentary (A)sexual. AVEN Founder David Jay and AAW Founder Sara Beth Brooks talk about the workshop, how they were received at the conference, and the work being done in the LGBT community around asexual awareness.

July 2012

Activist dispatches from Berkeley, California. Asexual activists Tristan Miller, Sara Beth Brooks, and David Jay all talk about their recent projects and being involved in asexual activism.