The work we do is critical to helping change the way we talk about sexuality in our culture. Partnerships like those forged with the Trevor Project, Campus Pride, and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force are helping provide safe spaces for asexual youth to go. Asexual Awareness Week events are creating safer, more inclusive spaces around the world. This campaign is an entirely volunteer project - we rely on your donations to be able to continue our work.

Every week we get requests from campuses and communities around the world that are all looking for resources and materials about asexuality. We send out information to as many people as we can, but there are never enough pamphets, buttons, and books to go around. We also pay for our web-hosting, pamphlets and business cards when there's a conference, update our graphic art, and reimburse expenses such as postage. We are fully financially transparent (view our financial disclosure report here).

If you've got $5.00 to spare, that buys us a day of Facebook advertising. $20.00 gets us a year of website hosting and $50.00 pays for 100 full color brochures. If you've got some extra cash and you want to support our work, please consider making a donation today.

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